Thursday, 14 January 2016

Farewell EU ! Farewell Blue Book !!

I arrived in Brussels round 06 am. My first metro stop brought me to Art-Loi station. After walking around a dead EU square, where the Yellow level alert was signed everywhere and after even seeing military tracks and soldiers guarding the area, though just a couple of times, I headed to Place Lux, where I enjoyed memories of the past, drinking of imaginable beers with our fellow trainees :).

Then, I went to Schuman roundabout, prayed a tribute in my mind to the late Jean-Baptiste Nicolas Robert Schuman (at his statute which is located at the entrance of the Cinquantenaire park), returned back to the roundabout, opposite the Commission and the Council HQs, where IT WAS REVEALED TO ME that behind those glasses and iron protected windows, the fonctionnaires working there seemed to me to be like prisoners of bureaucracy and of mostly immoral and more rarely corrupted politicians! Then, facing Schuman statue and the Arch in Cinquantenaire, I actually threw a stone behind my back, leaving behind all the ghosts of the past!

Looking ahead to a bright future for Europe and the World at large and bearing with me strong conficence to the initial Vision of the Founders of the EU, I finally got away from this surreal labyrinth !!

I was actually happy of not being recruited to the EC, after my success at the AD competition for Economists, in 2008, thus escaping from being jailed, both in mind and body, hence feeling felicity for being once again FREE, both in spirit, mind and life !!

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