Thursday, 21 October 2010

ʺA DIFFERENT VIEWʺ An IAPSS Monthly Online Journal

An IAPSS Monthly Online Journal
Volume 6: Issue 36
October 2010

The IAPSS Online Journal "A Different View" new editor’s team has the honor to announce an open call for articles for the first Issue for this academic calendar year 2010-2011.
The topic of the ADV October Issue is:
"Quality of democracy in Latin American and Eastern European Countries"

Latin America has been in the last decade’s the scene of deep transformations in the existing democracies, like the dismantlement of democratic institutions in Central America, the weakening of parliaments in South America and the gradual tendency to soft authoritarianism. In the other hand, the Eastern European countries have had to cross through the transition from socialism to the occidental democratic model in order to integrate into the economic structure of the European Union.
The democratic institutions are recognized as central elements to achieve the social objectives more requested: justice, equity, development, etc. For this reasons the requirement of diagnose and create indices of democratic quality in countries in both regions are more and more relevant.

This issue aims to reveal the different elements inherent in the construction of quality democracies and, on the other hand, to compare the achievements in the development of modern democracies in Eastern Europe and Latin America, in a world of constants changes.

Your academic perspective and observations could be invaluable in achieving the aforementioned democratic quality diagnose and indices for the countries in these regions.

Please do not hesitate to submit your opinion, academic or dialogue article for publishment on the upcoming ADV!
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New Editorial Board 2010-2011
According to the new policy adopted by the Executive Committee the Editorial Board for IAPSS monthly magazine A Different View (ADV) will be composed of three editors

-Editor : Gabriela MARZONETTO
-Editor : Sven BRENDEL
-Editor : Vasilis KILIARIS

Any student from anywhere in the world with an interest in political science, international relations, current affairs or related fields is invited to publish in the ADV.

Every month, A Different View brings the IAPSS community political, cultural and social commentary from around the world. A Different View delivers a diverse range of domestic and international news and opinion with every issue.

Note: The articles written in this section do not necessary reflect IAPSS opinion. The content is freely posted by our contributors which are responsible for their words.

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