Saturday, 7 November 2015

Open Debate on ‘Civil Society and the EU’, 6th of November, at 09:30, at the‪ EU House‬, in Nicosia.

#‎Invest_in_Education_Cyprus‬ (‪#‎InvEd‬) participated at the Open Debate on ‘Civil Society and the EU’, organized by the‪ #‎NgoSupportCentre‬, on the 6th of November, at 09:30, at the‪ #‎House_Of_The_European_Union‬, in Nicosia!

Watch Panel Discussion on «Civil Society work at the EU level”, via @livestream #UImpact #EUnCS Invest in Education – Cyprus

#InvEd_Initiative presented the work in #Cyprus of the Invest in Education and the lessons learnt from the European Citizens” Initiative (ECI), offering tips to future #ECI organizers, by submitting experience, critique and suggestions in regards to the #EU tool of #deliberative #Democracy as such!

NGO-Support Centre European Citizen Action Service (ECAS)
#EUnCS #UImpact #EUHouse

The streaming of the Event @ via Livestream

#InvEd Presentation link:

Invest in Education (InvEd) experience in Cyprus and
critical approach of the European Citizens” Initiative (ECI)

ADDRESSING the following Question

How is it possible for an individual citizen to influence the intimate socio-economic mainstream and thus further activate his/her citizenship capacity, express sensible Reasoning and turn words into action by participating in the European political realm?

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