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European citizens' initiative: Invest in Education

European citizens' initiative


Sign in the initiative's webpage NOW: (Deadline: 6 August 2014)

The Greek think tank "DIKTYO-the Network", in cooperation with a 7-person European Committee, launched the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)*.
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Twitter: @Invest_in_Edu

We believe in the power of European citizens to impact policies!
It is our responsibility to steer our future!
Since 2009, strict austerity programmes have been applied across Europe with the intention of consolidating public budgets. More recently, both the economic effectiveness of austerity measures and the causes of the crisis are being questioned by international experts and organisations. The short- and long-term negative effects of the measures on democratic processes and social rights standards have also come up for criticism. In 2011 and 2012, cuts in education budget were made in twenty countries for which data are available. Cuts of more than 5% were observed in Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, the United Kingdom (Wales) and Croatia, whereas decreases between 1% and 5% were seen in the French Community of Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, France, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and the United Kingdom – Scotland.
Youth unemployment (under 25) now exceeds 20% in most of the EU member states, with Cyprus recording over 40%, while in Spain and Greece the record hits as high as of 55% to 60%, respectively (Eurostat newsrelease, 28.2.2014).
Distinguished politicians, economists, academics, authors and artists warn that unless a way is found to resolve the problem, we are a lost generation (if we haven't become as such already).

• We need to influence European leaders to reflect on our future!
• We need to influence the media to deliberate on our prospects!
• We need to be able to make use of our legal rights as stipulated in the Treaty of Lisbon!!

Cypriot economist, Sir Christopher Antoniou Pissarides, an Ambassador of the Initiative, comments:
Economic crises come and go but young people get just one chance to learn the skills that will get them a job and help them embark on a successful career. Cutting down on education investments because of a temporary economic crisis is short-sighted. It could destroy the lives of a whole generation of young people. Education spending is an investment in our future and should not be part of the government’s fiscal balance.
For all of these reasons we are asking you to sign this Initiative.

On behalf of the Cyprus branch of volunteers supporting the Initiative “Invest in Education”

Iacovos PSALTIS (watch the video)
Doctor of Professional Studies in Educational Management, Member of the 7-person European Committee launching the ECI.

Member of the Cyprus branch of volunteers supporting the Initiative “Invest in Education”

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