Friday, 22 March 2013


Save Cyprus Economy: Save the Eurozone !!!
Cyprus has been on the news all over the world, without any ads' cost, though for the wrong reasons!
The principle of European SOLIDARITY is NOT sound and NOT present!
The EC law, in regard with the deposits guarantee of the first 100 000 EUR per depositor, has been nearly breached!!
The democratic deficit and untransparency in decision-making in Cyprus and the EU are on their highest level ever.
Strategy politics [i.e. Politics by practitioners (elected officials)] have almost no place and role in domestic Cypriot politics, even since Cyprus' independence in 1960, even more after the disastrous coup' etat in 1974 and its subsequent Turkish invasion that resulted the division of the island, as well as since the disastrous explosion in the military naval-base in Mari (South coast of Cyprus) in 2011. Rather tactical policy-implementation and media politics (Political marketing) prevail in today's political scene.
Our Politicians failed Cyprus Today, Citizens failed their selves, too !!!
Probably, the only potentially accepted by Troika solution is Bail-In (Levy In) the deposits OVER 100 000 EUR in parallel with the other measures already included in Cyprus Plan B ...

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