Monday, 31 December 2012

Letter to a "friend" !

Hello my dearest "friend"!
First of all I would like to wish you happy - merry Christmas and enjoyable season holidays! Hope you could find the true meaning of this season celebration, or getting closer to The reason Christos was born, like the way I am still trying to find out!
I am really happy that you sent me this email, assuming that you have included me in your special inner circle of friends, like the way I have included you in my dedication circle of people I will keep in a special place in my life, heart and mind, and always adding these people on my New Year's Resolutions to meet as soon as possible sine qua non that my economics, work and personal happiness is fulfilled.
Regarding the song, the lyrics and your hypothesis [1], I also agree with you, that time is priceless and we should enjoy life whenever and where-ever we are, i.e. Always. However, depending on our mood, personality, character and life situations that mess our lives without our will, this is not always possible. I wish I was rich, a genius and having more often a happy mood, so I could visit Bilbao, Shanghai, Brussels, Rio, Tokyo and Paris every month or at least once a year : ) This way I could see You and Leticia this year that was not possible due to the afore mentioned reasons.
To end this letter in a happy manner, my wish for this year is to make it possible to meet each other, finally, during 2013 !!!
Be happy, healthy, smarty and funny like you do, this New Year as well ...
Many hugs and kisses!
[1] Hello Friends,
Last Friday I was driving the car when I heart this song in the radio. All the atoms of my body entered automatically in perfect resonance with the vibration of the song.
In one hand, I recognize that everything told there is deeply TRUE: I only remember how healthy I was when I'm lying in the bed.
But in the other hand, there is an unstoppable force inside myself that makes me stand up AGAINST this message! In fact, I totally disagree !!!!!!
I want to be aware and grateful to the Sun while it is up there, heating and lighting us. But I also want to enjoy the snow, because it makes us get closer to the people around us, and allows us to change our environment meeting a new reality.
I don't want to wait until I lose something to recognize its value. I want to Live, to enjoy my Life as it is, no matter if there is the sun or the snow out there.
In this sense, it's a good moment to make an overview of the almost finished year. And I realize I haven't been as much as I would have loved with all of you. This is a point for my dreams-list for next year.
I just wanted to say that you already count for me. No need to "let you go" for that !
And hope you also have lots of dreams for next year!
Let Her Go

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