Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Anatomy for Peace Seminar

Dear fellow-participants at the "Anatomy for Peace" Seminar

With this letter I would like to share with you a few thoughts, giving my feedback for this seminar.

Firstly, congratulations to the organizers for the excellent facilities provided for the seminar. Moreover, I would like to, personally, send my well done to Tarik and Adam for their presentation and for the fruitful exchange of views on this project we had.

I would summarise the seminar with the following position, "[O]our sense guides us to make the right choice and behave either on the direction of honoring or self-betraying that sense, and then, by justifying the latest, thus entering a box of selfishness instead of following a modus vivendi (way of being) that is closer to our nature and inner truth, based on our morality, philosophical background and global values, human rights and Virtue, we end up doomed in a circle of dynamics of Conflict and Resistance instead of Peace and Responsiveness"!

In addition, please allow me to contribute with a few points:
1. An introduction, on the goals of the seminar and its structure (content, time schedule) should precede the instruction of the seminar itself.
2. A short presentation of each one of the instructors and the participants is absolutely necessary for the team building of the group.
3. The content of the seminar, is a very good and useful tool, nevertheless, lacking a moral and philosophical background, with no social and national collective consciousness, this seminar is addressing to individuals and societies with a deficient in modernity and with repressed identity, such as the Cypriot and American cultures are.

Looking forward for your thoughts. See you around soon.

Kind regards,


Vasilis KILIARIS, 33, is a graduate who received his BSc in Economics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2003. In 2011 he obtained an MA in International Relations at the University of Macedonia. He has written his Master Thesis on
"The role of Regional and International Organizations in Conflict Resolution: the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)”.
Currently he is employed at the position of the Administrative officer of international relations in the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus.
In parallel he is concluding a 2nd BA in Political Studies and Diplomacy at the University of Macedonia.
His interests include strategic and security studies, conflict resolution, human security, social anthropology, nationalism and political philosophy.

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