Thursday, 6 May 2010

My point of view regarding the austerity measures in Greece:

I am not taking part in the strikes. I am currently unemployed.
The austerity measures are necessary. It is also urgent for the government to do its best in releasing the poorest and people with most in need (Older, Unemployed, Disability persons) from the burden of this new economic situation.
The middle class, the rich, the healthy and profitable businesses, the public sector employees should bear the 90% of the new measures. But mostly is necessary to increase the productivity in every economic and social sector in Greece, i.e. to work more professionally and result oriented.

Shocked ! Shame and sadness for the 4 lives lost in the riots. Anarchists and Fascists are the physical responsible of the killings. A spoiled Greek society's era is coming to an end ... a new era is on the fore step to begin. The most crucial point in the modern political history of Greece has come. Peoples living in Greece and fellow Europeans is time to politically act for a better future for all. Working hard, professionally, with solidarity and rationality is the only way to get
out of the social and economic crisis we are currently living in!

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