Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Save the Children!

Save the Children!
The question shouldn't be more or less immigration. It should be more or less births.
To achieve a higher birthrate, at least two policies should be prioritized on a pan-European level:
1) Implementing the Promotion Pact - First Youth Employment Guarantee (European Youth Guarantee -, to combat unemployment, especially among young people. Youth with jobs, could create their own family nests in a sensible age period of their lives.
2) Implementing a policy favouring population replacement of the states (2.1 children per woman in fertile childbearing age), to address the current and future socio-economic crisis. The policy should benefit with tax-cuts and flexible working hours mothers and fathers holding legal citizenship of a country.
These two policies could be a positive-thinking way out of the crisis, instead of enhancing employment from the Least Developed Countries in the world, in a contemporary sense of slavery. The future are the children, the future citizens that are going to pay their taxes and social insurances for the elderly. When they grow up, they are going to be the shield of the welfare state, such as the european economic model. This could only be achieved if they work in a healthy and competitive economy, with high productivity, high social cohesion, in the framework of sustainable development! Less developed countries in the world shouldn't have only one option of success and hapiness, through immigration to Europe. They should have more options in labour, via working-policies towards a socio-economically advancement of their countries as well!
Save the children in Europe as well, by giving them a chance to get born in a peaceful and sustainable developing Europe. Save the children in the world, by giving them the chance to get born in their ancestral home, where sustainable growth and economic development is possible.

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