Sunday, 2 December 2012

Apocalypse: The Second World War

Worth to keep watching this documentary series on World War II, again and again. History never repeats itself, nevertheless, knowing humanity's past, is the best way to politicaly act wisely for our societies' future. Moreover, knowing our recent history, just a couple of generations ago, could only better guide us for choosing the best candidate in the upcoming elections, of any type, local, parliamentary, presidential, trade union elections, house block representatives etc. Not neglect the fact that abstaining from any type of elections, not participating in democratic procedures and not actively participating towards a sustainable way of living, only serves fascism, nationalism, nepotism, yappies and all of those who are economically well established, into decent office jobs, or businessmen and managers who exploit their employees. Socially oriented way of thinking and democratic activism is not opposing principle-guided capital, or pursuing profit. Social Democracy ought to pursue sustainable develoment, fight unemployment, create jobs and business opportunities to everybody, should pursue, in the long-term, equal opportunities in entrepreneurship, as well as fair assessment and treatment of labour. Knowing history prevents social and economic crisis to erupt. History knowledge, from an objective approach, teach us to care for the "other", our neighbour, our compatriot and our competitor and opponent to our objectives. Finally, learning on historical facts, could only helps us achieve our own goals efficiently and effectively.

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