Monday, 15 June 2009

The EC Trainees present the Awareness Week

SOLIDARITY Sub-Committee

Subject: Guidelines for the Awareness Week

The EC Trainees present the Awareness Week

What is the Awareness Week

[EN] The Awareness Week (AW) is organized each year by Stagiaires of the Commission belonging to the Solidarity Sub-Committee (SSC). [1] The concept of the AW is to arouse the interest on Developing Countries problems and their current situation. The target group is the European Community’s civil servants working in the Institutions of the EC mainly located in Brussels. For that purpose during the working days of a whole week, twice a year, the trainees are trying to inform and aware the EC personnel via inter alia stand points, flyers, newsletters etc. Furthermore an extraordinary closing event is taking place on the last day of the AW. Moreover a fund raising campaign is planned in order to finance a project selected each year by the previous SSC that had been already evaluated and being in process during the current mandate of the SSC. [2] This year’s project is located in Burma (Myanmar) following the Cyclone Nargis side effects.

When: 15-19 June 2009
Where: EC Buildings
How you can contribute: Donate and join us on the last day open air event (19th of June)

[1] The Solidarity Sub-Committee is a group of the European Commission Stagiaires who share the common interest in the problems faced by less fortunate people in the World.
[2] The project is evaluated and selected by the Commission’s personnel NGO “Europe Third World” (ETW).
For more information regarding ETW read Annex I : EUROPE-THIRD WORLD INFORMATION BULLETIN

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